Typical Trailer Services in Newton, North Carolina

Typical Trailer Repair Services

Trailer Sales & Service, Inc. provides you with professional experienced service technicians, an extensive inventory and comprehensively outfitted service facilities to handle any semi-trailer repair. Below are some the services we provide to you.

Suspension Repairs - Air Ride & Spring

Today's trailers are equipped with both spring and air-ride (air spring suspensions) from manufacturers such as:

  • Hendrickson
  • Neway
  • Meritior
  • Watson & Chalin
  • Hutchens (Hutch)
  • Reyco and many others

No matter the manufacturer or suspension type, it requires regular maintenance for your demanding business requirements as well as ever changing regulatory requirements. Our service technicians have the experience and knowledge in proper maintenance procedures to keep the suspension operating properly.

Air Brake Repairs

"S" cam-style brakes are the most common type of brakes on heavy duty trailers. To assure proper operation, brakes require preventative maintenance functions such as lubrication and adjustment. We maintain, repair and replace all makes and models of brakes including:

  • TQ Type
  • Q Plus
  • ESI
  • ESII
  • Eaton Type
  • Fruehauf Type

Automatic Slack Adjusters (ASA)

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) mandated use of automatic slacks on all air-braked vehicles built on or after October 20, 1994. Automatic or self-adjusting slack adjuster may keep the brakes adjusted but periodic lubrication and periodic operational inspection is still necessary for proper operation and improper adjustment is one of the most common problems on today's equipment.

Check out our Tech Tips page for a helpful video on automatic slack adjusters.

Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) Diagnostics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA) mandated that Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) are required on air-brake equipped semi-trailers equipped with air brakes and manufactured on or after March 1, 1998.

ABS system problems are a common service issue and are easily corrected with skilled service technicians using the latest technology for troubleshooting and repairing these problems. Our computerized diagnostic equipment provides us with detailed fault codes needed to make the necessary repairs to your ABS system needed for proper operation. Typical repairs include.

  • Replacement of wheel end sensors and clips
  • Replacement of ABS valves including Merirtor WABCO, Haldex, Bendix and many more
  • Replacement of ABS ECU
  • Replacement of ABS hubs

Swing & Roll-up Door Replacement & Repair

Swing doors and roll-up (overhead) doors are used daily and take quite a bit of abuse. Wear and tear on rear doors from frequent use also causes a variety of problems. Our OEM trained service technicians can perform the following repairs:

Swing Type Rear Doors

  • Door Replacement - Plymetal, Insulated & Composite
  • Broken or Bent Door Hinges - Aluminum or Steel
  • Broken or Bent Hinge Butts
  • Broken or Bent Hinge Pins
  • Locking Rod Repair or Replacement
  • Rear Frame - Header, Door, Door Posts & Rear Sill

Roll-up Type Rear Doors

  • Door Replacement - Propar, Whiting, Todco, Diamond, Composite
  • Broken Hinges - Top, Bottom, End, Center
  • Door Operator/Spring Balancer Repair or Replacement
  • Rear Frame Repairs - Header, Door, Door Posts & Rear Sill
  • Door Cable Replacement
  • Door Roller Replacement

If you wish to maintain your door yourself, visit our Tech Tips for helpful information.

Caution — work on doors and related parts can, in some cases, be dangerous. Any person not experienced and trained in roll up truck door repairs and installation, should consider leaving the work to those who are. Serious injury could result.

Landing Gear Repair & Replacement

Landing gear legs and supports take substantial abuse when dropped from a tractor and it is critical that all components are tight, secure, lubricated and properly maintained. Improperly installed, loose or broken supports can cause the landing gear legs to fail and collapse creating substantial damage to the entire trailer. Due to the abuse that landing gear legs constantly face, all landing gears will need replacing at some point but proper preventative maintenance with prolong the life of the landing gear legs. We service makes and models of landing gear legs such as:

  • Jost
  • Holland
  • Binkley

Lift-Gate Repair & Maintenance

We sell, provide replacement parts, install and maintain all makes and types of lift gates. Tuck away and rail lift gates are a valuable tool on trailers and straight trucks however, proper maintenance is required for safe operation and smooth trouble free service. Our service department can set-up a maintenance schedule that best fits your needs. Brands of lift gates we service, sell and provide parts include:

  • Tommy Lift
  • Theiman
  • Leyman
  • Waltco
  • DEL
  • Maxon
  • Anthony
  • Utron
  • Eagle Lift
  • Interlift

Light & Electrical Repair

Lighting and electrical systems are exposed to aggressive chemicals such as magnesium chloride and sodium chloride that pose serious problems to your trailers. Our experienced service technicians use portable diagnostic equipment for trouble-shooting lighting and electrical problems. We only use heat shrink wire connectors and heat shrink tubing to eliminate connection problems and insure proper operation of you lighting and electrical system.

Roof Repair & Replacement

Trailer leaks are one of the most common problems with trailer roofs. Forklifts, tree limbs and other low hanging obstructions cause serious damage to both aluminum and translucent roofs. Proper repair procedures must be performed by trained service technicians in order to assure a dry trailer and cargo. Roof patches and roof sections are acceptable forms of repairing trailer roof if performed correctly. Likewise, replacing a complete roof requires experience, knowledge, proper tools and facilities to replace a roof back to OEM quality standards.

Body Component Repairs - Side Panels, Nose Rails, Bottom Rails

Knowledge of proper repair procedures for body damage are a must to assure the structural integrity of the trailer is not compromised. If proper procedures are not followed, then substandard repairs of the trailer compound into serious structural problems that may lead to even more substantial repairs in the future. Repair it right the first time. Our service technicians are experienced in the proper procedures to ensure your equipment is repair to OEM specifications. We perform the following:

  • Side Panel Replacement and Repair
  • Nose Rail Replacement and Repair
  • Top Rail Replacement and Repair
  • Bottom Rail Replacement and Repair
  • Side Post Replacement and Repair
  • Corner Radius and Repair
  • Logistic Post Replacement and Repair
  • Composite Panel Replacement and Repair

We only use solid buck rivets for all side panel, nose rail, bottom and top rail replacement and repair.

Mountain Tarp Installation & Repairs

We are authorized dealers for Mountain Tarp which produces high quality tarps and tarp systems that built for rigorous use are truly the best in the market today. Mountain Tarp manufactures tarp systems. We can provide you with either mesh or vinyl tarpaulin material to suit your specific application. Some of the most common applications are:

  • Asphalt
  • Landscape materials
  • Rock
  • Mulch
  • Gravel
  • Wood Chips
  • Demolition Materials
  • Crushed Cars

Mountain Tarp is the only manufacturer that GUARANTEES their tarp extruded aluminum arms will NEVER BREAK and if they do they are replaced for FREE. Likewise, the tarp springs are also guaranteed against breakage, providing Mountain Tarp Spring Spray is used in accordance with instructions. Mountain Tarp Spring Spray is the only maintenance requirement of systems and is designed to keep springs rust free and lubed to provide continuous flipping pressure.

Mountain Tarp offers you the following:

  • Dump Truck Tarp System
  • Dump Trailer Tarp System
  • Tarp Motors
  • Replacement Tarps
  • Tarp Kit Parts
  • Transfer Trailer Tarp System
  • Replacement Tarp Arms
  • Landscape Tarp Systems

Custom Fabrication & Modifications

Our professional fabrication department provides custom modifications to any make and type of trailer to your specifications. We offer you customized solutions to suit your needs.